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The name Eve is reminiscent of Eve, the mother of us all. A lot of times when we think of Eve, we think of the fall of man. God, however, revealed to us that though many may look at the defeat that we were dealt through Eve, He really wants us to focus on the victory of Eve’s life.


Eve means “life”, and that’s exactly what God created her for; she was to carry and deliver life into this world. That’s exactly what she did! The enemy could not stop her from fulfilling her purpose. She had the victory, and so do we. No matter how small, ALL life is meaningful and carries a purpose. 


Our Co-Founder, Jessica, named her lost angel Kinsley Eve which means, “Victory Life”. She wanted to use the name of her miscarried child in some way, and after a lot of prayer and a God moment, she knew this was the name for the non-profit.

 We believe that Kinsley Eve’s purpose was to birth this non-profit, and although the enemy may have taken her out before she could see this world, her purpose has still been fulfilled. Now, she too, can claim the victory!

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