Elizabeth Cottle

Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Elizabeth Cottle lives in Columbus, Georgia with her husband Garrett, and their sons, Reid & Liam. After receiving her degree in Piano Pedagogy, Elizabeth opened Cottle Piano Studio, where she has been teaching privately for 10 years.


In 2014, Elizabeth and Garrett experienced the loss of their first child through miscarriage. It would be almost another 2 years before the birth of their precious rainbow baby, Reid, in 2016. In the spring of 2017, they found out they were pregnant again, and this time it was twins! However, during the first trimester, one of the twins did not make it. It was shortly after this time that Elizabeth was invited to be a part of Eve's Victory.


Having experienced the pain of miscarriage, and the isolation that it can bring, Elizabeth knows that acknowledgement and support are much needed for families going through miscarriage, infant loss, and NICU/PICU stays. She chooses to celebrate all life, no matter how short and knows that Jesus can bring healing in any situation. Her prayer is that God would use her experience, and the experiences of the women at Eve's Victory, to bring hope and comfort to those grieving a loss. After being on our Louisiana board for 2 years, her family decided to move to Columbus, GA, where she is actively looking for board members and volunteers to make our first drop in 2020 in Georgia.

Kara Berryhill

Hospital Coordinator

Kara Berryhill lives in Columbus, Georgia with her husband of 5 years, Adam, and their son,
Jaxson. She received her degree in middle grades and elementary education in 2014. She has
been teaching elementary school since the fall of 2014. In 2017, Kara and Adam experienced
the loss of their first child through miscarriage. This time was lonely for her because she had
not heard many parents talk about miscarriage. She was given an Eve’s Victory miscarriage care
package in the midst of the loss. The care package gave her comfort and it showed her that
others care. After her loss, she became passionate about helping other people through the
healing process. She has a heart for parents going through a miscarriage, stillbirth, and a NICU
stay. Each baby lost on earth is found in Heaven worshiping The Father. They are doing what
they were always created to do! Upon moving to Georgia from Tennessee, she reached out to
Eve’s Victory about being more involved in their ministry. She felt that the Lord could use her
story of miscarriage to bring comfort and hope to other families grieving a loss.


Address: P.O. Box 212756

RPB, FL 33421


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